Co-Branded Engagement


Like most NPOs, your org may be struggling with effective fundraising outreach. Perhaps social media to some degree has helped to increase awareness of your work. Increased mobility in consumer behavior can work in your favor!

The key objective is discovering methods of growing your audience and engaging/cultivating new donors. Most NPOs have a limited reach when it comes to fundraising so it’s imperative to engage with “brand partners” who possess the ability to introduce you to their audiences.

Co-Branded Engagement is an effective means of “spreading the net” by reaching out to consumers through brands. The strength of brand “endorsement” of your org is powerful because it influences potential donors that you might never have encountered.

Our solution provides each of your brand partners with custom co-branded mobile donation facilities to allow patrons to conveniently engage in support of your org. Donation transactions are tracked and isolated by branded partner. Your partners gain access to participating patron contact info.

Please contact your GiveNetwork rep for more detailed information.