Live Event Net Building


Our Live Event Net Building service can effectively contribute to your ongoing fundraising efforts by “spreading the net” to new donors. Beyond the traditional methods of banquet based fundraising events we endeavor to cause your attendees to “engage” on your behalf in the expansion of your donor base.

In brief, we engage and “equip” attendees at a live event to become active supporters by assisting in ongoing fundraising beyond the live event.

We begin with the design and placement of compelling QR donation portals throughout the event venue. These portals serve as a focal point for engagement via Smartphone. Here, attendees become equipped to donate and advocate for your cause/mission.

Our desire is to engage the majority of your event audience in participation on your behalf. This is accomplished by conducting an effective call-to-action. Beyond the donations issued by attendees at an event, our services introduce a new mechanism that, when used properly, can grow your donor base far beyond the walls of the event.

Please contact your GiveNetwork rep for more detailed information.